Praag en omgeving  naturtisten camping v Klokocove TsjechieThe surroundings of “v Klokocove” characterise themselves by a nicely sloping landscape. It is very well for walking, bicycling and still much more.
In the close surroundings there are several rent possibilities, for example horses or canoes. Also there is nice golf court.
Furthermore the Czech Republic have very many castles these, frequently still entirely arranged, are certainly visiting worth.

But don’t forget Praque on a hour distance. Then you are standing in the middle of the centre of possibly the most beautiful city of Europe. Witch site you are looking at Praque is already splendour.
Praque is reach well from the camp-site with transport on own account and you can park your car on a protected parking place. But it ‘s  also very well by means of the public transport.
A visit to the Czech republic is just complete with a visit to Praque.

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